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Bhopal is the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, a state in central India. It is also known as the City of Lakes, due to its various natural and artificial lakes. Bhopal is a city that offers a rich and diverse experience for travelers who want to explore the best of India. It has many attractions that cater to different interests and tastes, such as history, culture, nature, spirituality, and adventure. One day Bhopal Local Sightseeing by Private cab.

Bhopal is also a city that has a history of resilience and a culture of harmony. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive travel guide to Bhopal, covering the best time to visit, things to do, places to visit, must-see attractions, significance of Bhopal, and some frequently asked questions. One Day Bhopal Local Sightseeing Trip By Cab

Best Time to Visit Bhopal

Taj- Ul- Masajid Bhopal

The best time to visit Bhopal is during the winter months of October to March. The weather at this time is cool and pleasant and there is much scope for sightseeing. People often come to Bhopal during winter to enjoy the city at its best. July-September is the second best time to visit the city, as it is the monsoon season and the city becomes lush and green. However, some places may be closed or inaccessible due to heavy rains. April-June is the least preferable time to visit Bhopal, as it is the summer season and the temperature can rise up to 45°C, making it very hot and uncomfortable. Indore – Best Travel Guide

Things to Do in Bhopal

Shaukat Mahal

There are plenty of things to do in Bhopal that will make your trip memorable and enjoyable. Here are some of the best activities in Bhopal that you can try:

  • Enjoy a day’s picnic at Van Vihar National Park: Van Vihar is a national park and a zoological space that operates under the guidelines of the Central Zoo Authority. It is located just adjacent to the Upper Lake in Bhopal, near Shymala Hills. .
  • Spend an enjoyable evening at Sair Sapata: Sair Sapata is an amusement and entertainment complex located on the banks of the Upper Lake. It is a perfect place for families and kids to have fun and relax.
  • Admire the magnificent Taj-Ul-Masjid: Taj-Ul-Masjid is one of the largest mosques in India and a prominent landmark of Bhopal.
  • Go Boating in Bhojtal: Bhojtal or Upper Lake is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bhopal. It is a man-made lake built by Raja Bhoj in the 11th century to cure skin diseases that were otherwise incurable.
  • Ride the Ropeway Tekri: Ropeway Tekri or Manuabhan Tekri is a hilltop temple complex located on an isolated hill in Bhopal. It is dedicated to Jain Tirthankara Manuabhan or Manibhadra Veer who attained nirvana here.
  • Enjoy Coffee at the Indian Coffee House: Indian Coffee House or ICH is a chain of coffee houses run by worker co-operative societies across India. The ICH in Bhopal is one of the oldest and most famous branches of the chain
  • Do some exciting shopping in Bhopal: Bhopal is a shopper’s paradise with a variety of markets, malls, and shops selling various items such as handicrafts, clothes, jewellery, antiques, books, etc. .
  • Eat Peshawari and Mughlai at Za-Aiqa: Za-Aiqa is a fine dining restaurant located in the Noor-Us-Sabah Palace Hotel in Bhopal.

Places to Visit in Bhopal

Uppar Lake

Bhopal has many places to visit that will make you fall in love with the city. Here are some of the best places to visit in Bhopal that you should not miss:

  • Sanchi Stupa: Sanchi Stupa is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the oldest Buddhist monuments in India. It is locate about 46 km from Bhopal and was build by Emperor Ashoka in the 3rd century BCE. The stupa is a hemispherical dome that contains the relics of Buddha and his disciples.
  • Bhimbetka Rock Shelters: Bhimbetka Rock Shelters are another UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the oldest cave paintings in the world. They are located about 45 km from Bhopal and date back to the Paleolithic and Mesolithic periods. The rock shelters contain more than 500 caves with over 600 paintings depicting animals, humans, hunting scenes, rituals, dances, etc.
  • Bhojpur Temple: Bhojpur Temple is an ancient Hindu temple dedicate to Lord Shiva. It is located about 28 km from Bhopal and was build by Raja Bhoj in the 11th century CE. The temple has a simple architecture with a stone spire and a sanctum sanctorum that houses a lingam of Lord Shiva.
  • Taj Mahal Palace: Taj Mahal Palace is a historical palace build by Nawab Shah Jahan Begum in the 19th century as her residence. It is also know as the Taj-ul-Masajid Palace as it overlooks the Taj-ul-Masajid mosque. The palace has a beautiful architecture with Indo-Islamic style elements such as arches, domes, minarets, etc.
  • Rani Kamlapati Palace: Rani Kamlapati Palace is another historical palace build by Rani Kamlapati Bai in the 18th century as her residence. It is located on an island in the Lower Lake and was later use by Dost Mohammad Khan as his headquarters.

Must-See Attractions in Bhopal

Birla Mandir Bhopal

Birla Mandir

Bhopal has many attractions that are worth seeing and experiencing. Here are some of the must-see attractions in Bhopal that you should not miss:

  • Bharat Bhavan: Bharat Bhavan is a multi-arts complex that showcases various forms of Indian art and culture. It was establish in 1982 by the Government of Madhya Pradesh and designed by renowned architect Charles Correa.
  • State Museum of Madhya Pradesh: State Museum of Madhya Pradesh is a museum that exhibits various aspects of the history, culture, and heritage of Madhya Pradesh. It was establish in 2005 and is locat in the Shyamla Hills area.
  • Tribal Museum: Tribal Museum is a museum that celebrates the tribal communities of Madhya Pradesh. It was establish in 2013 and is located near the IGRMS. The museum was build by the tribals themselves using natural materials and traditional techniques. The museum has six galleries that depict the living conditions, customs, beliefs, festivals, and struggles of the tribals. The museum also has interactive displays, audio-visual shows, and workshops for visitors.
  • Birla Mandir: Birla Mandir is a temple dedicate to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. It was build by the Birla family in 1988 using white marble and sandstone. The temple has a magnificent architecture that combines various styles of Hindu temples. The temple also has a museum that exhibits the belongings of the Birla family and other religious artefacts.
  • Moti Masjid: Moti Masjid is a mosque build by Sikander Jehan Begum in 1860. It is located near the Shaukat Mahal and resembles the Jama Masjid in Delhi. The mosque has a white marble façade with two red minarets and three domes. The mosque also has a large courtyard and a prayer hall that can accommodate up to 1000 people at a time.

Significance of Bhopal

Butterfly Park, Van Vihar, Bhopal

Butterfly Park, Van Vihar

Bhopal is a city that has a significant role in the history, culture, and development of India. Famous city was found by Raja Bhoj in the 11th century and was ruled by various dynasties such as the Paramaras, the Gonds, the Mughals, and the Marathas. Best city became a princely state under the British rule and was one of the few states that had a female succession of rulers known as the Begums of Bhopal. The City also witnessed the worst industrial disaster in history, the Bhopal gas tragedy of 1984, which killed thousands of people and affected millions more.

Bhopal is also a city that has a vibrant and diverse culture with influences from Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, and tribal traditions. The city is also a city that has made remarkable progress in various fields such as education, health care, tourism, and industry.


Here are some frequently ask questions (FAQs) about Bhopal:

Q: How can I reach Bhopal?

A: You can reach Bhopal by air, rail or road. The city has an international airport called Raja Bhoj Airport which connects it to major cities in India and abroad. The city also has two railway stations namely Bhopal Junction and Habibganj Junction which connect it to various parts of India. Bhopal is also well-connect by road to other cities in Madhya Pradesh and neighbouring states.

Q: Where can I stay in Bhopal?

A: You can find various types of accommodation options in The city ranging from budget hotels to luxury resorts. You can also find homestays guest houses hostels and campsites in and around the city. Some of the popular areas to stay in Bhopal are MP Nagar New Market Arera Hills Shamla Hills and Lake View.

Q: What are some of the local delicacies of Bhopal?

A: Some of the local delicacies of the city are poha-jalebi (flattened rice with sweet syrup) kebabs (grilled meat) biryani (rice with meat or vegetables) chaat (spicy snacks) korma (curry with yogurt and spices) rogan josh (lamb curry) bafla (steamed wheat dumplings) and kulfi (frozen dessert).


Bhopal is a city that offers a rich and diverse experience for travellers who want to explore the best of India. In the city many attractions that cater to different interests and tastes. It is also a city that has a history of resilience and a culture of harmony. It is a city that you should visit at least once in your lifetime. 

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